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Blog hops ending, sales continue for a bit!

Wow, two blog hops, and all the winners are drawn and notified! Thanks to all who visited Fever Dreams, and if you weren't among the lucky ones, you can still try my works for 99cts (until Dec 31st).

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry, sexy Christmas... #MistletoeHop

Romance Beckons Blog

This Christmas is sexier than ever…

Between the years, there’s always a time to look back and reflect on the past year. I am happy to say that I did something I didn’t expect to do early in 2014: I started publishing erotica.

It all began with A Perfect Dream, the story idea about an unhappily married woman who escapes her rather dull life in order to experience colourful sexual escapades. Those parties, called A Perfect Dream, are secret, discreet and held at regular intervals—and there are the seasonal parties, like Halloween (A Second Chance) or Christmas. You will find recurring characters in each volume.

I also managed to sell an older book, an erotic thriller, to a publisher, and then wrote some more, developed new ideas outside of the A Perfect Dream universe… when it all slows down around the Holidays, I’ll be happy about the new developments, some that I couldn’t even imagine last year at the same time. I had no idea writing erotica and discovering my voice in this particular genre could be so much fun!

Besides, writing about women who put pleasure first, regardless of conventions or restraining concepts of society, can be incredibly empowering.

…So if you like to curl up with something hot, other than cocoa, while the snow is falling outside, maybe you’d like to follow these ladies on their adventures. Kisses under the mistletoe are only the beginning.

I wish you sensual, happy Holidays…enjoy.


Raven J. Spencer.

PS: Wait, there's more! If you'd like to enter the giveaway here on my blog, please leave a comment. I'll give away two copies of my latest erotic novelette, Off Screen.


Winter Warm-up Blog Hop (Romance blog hops)

Hops With Heart Site
Baby, it’s cold outside—perfect time to write (and read) a hot story!

There are a million ways to use the theme of winter and the holidays in erotica writing…A sexy scene in front of the fireplace, while the snow is coming down, the billionaire’s (guy or gal) cabin hidden away somewhere, Christmas markets and treats, romantic walks...While it’s cold outside, you need something to turn on the heat on the inside…

Like a steamy movie, maybe… Off Screen, my latest title, can be read as standalone. However, it’s A Perfect Dream universe where women can book unforgettable erotic getaways, ladies only, for a price. Part of the experience are movies that can be rented or bought. Jasmine and Autumn, the main characters in Off Screen, star in these movies.

Winter is a dreamy time, where you curl up under a blanket, maybe a hot chocolate by your side and escape into another universe…A Perfect Dream is a contemporary series, but realism is not the first priority. I wanted to create a universe in which women have absolute control over their erotic adventures, and the same goes for the women who provide part of this adventure via these movies.

Aside from the imagery, I love the coziness of winter, the seclusion and the quiet that comes with the cold and the weather—it’s good for the writing and the imagination.

What is your favourite winter activity?

Leave a comment here on my blog, and you can enter to win A Perfect Dream in e-book format, PDF or mobi for Kindle. I'll give away two copies.

Happy Holidays!


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Shut The Front Door...A Perfect Dream is real. Not really. Kind of.

...or so I thought when I was reading this article about a women-only club, sex parties for the curious, mostly straight women.


At a second glance, there are some problematic aspects for sure:

It's "a place for them to have a wild night playing with other like-minded girls before going back to their grown-up lives" one of the members is quoted, and that kind of statement grates, because being LGBT, being a lesbian, single or with a partner, is as grown-up as your straight life.

Still, the similarities to my series of novelettes is fascinating: The regular parties, the inquiries into the members lives, what's--according to the article--going on behind the scenes.

I had the idea for A Perfect Dream last summer while watching a couple visit a house that had some interesting features (if you want someone to have insights into your bedroom, that is). Most women who attend the parties don't do it in the hope of finding their soul mate either (Piper, A Second Chance), but I love romance, after all, and so the story of Beatrice and Sage has an unexpected ending. Hey, it's fiction. It also mattered to me to make a statement that hopefully comes across--many, not all women in those stories identify as lesbians, bi or come out in the process. This is not simply bending to the rules of society and patriarchy--it means the women have a safe space to find out who they really are, and what they want. In some cases, that might mean to try it, or meet someone, and never return.

For others, it's a place where they can live their preferences, watch others or be watched, menages, etc. without being judged.

I don't know if the club mentioned in the article offers all of that. It's reality. My works are fiction, and in them, I have the last word in everything.

If you're a little curious, come back tomorrow for a chance to win free e-books as I'm taking part in two separate blog hops. See you there!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Out now! Off Screen is available, a guest blog & coming attractions

Off Screen is out and available at Amazon! If you'd like to glimpse behind closed doors and meet the women who make naughty movies for the A Perfect Dream franchise...you're just a click away!

I've been a guest on Emily Byrne's blog as well, talking about the A Perfect Dream series, and writing erotica.

And, of course...the countdown has begun, and this holiday season I'll take part in two blog hops. Both will come with prizes, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What to do with the rest of 2014...

First of all, thanks to everyone who downloaded A Second Chance during the free promotion! I'll definitely plan to do it again over Christmas. Why not go back to A Perfect Dream this time?

I'll also have at least one more new release for you: Off Screen, a  standalone story within the universe of A Perfect Dream.

Jasmine and Autumn star in the movies that the party guests at A Perfect Dream enjoy, romantic, steamy, toe-curling—it’s all for the camera. Working within the A Perfect Dream franchise gives them more liberty than they could find anywhere else in the industry, and it pays for tuition and renovation costs. Their lives become a little more complicated when real emotions come into play…
Off Screen will be released on December 2nd, and there will be others to follow, with the characters you already met in A Perfect Dream and A Second Chance.


Friday, October 31, 2014

My first free e-book promotion!

Halloween doesn't have to be scary, in fact, it can be very steamy.

Piper returns to the party for the first time after the events of A Perfect Dream and gets the chance to act out a fantasy she hadn't even been aware of.

Free download/treat for 10/31 and 11/1.


If you have a moment, a review would be welcome and appreciated. Thank you!


If you'd like to start at the beginning, you can find book 1 here. (All my titles are free reads through Kindle Unlimited).

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Second Chance is available for pre-order!

Are you ready for a sexy Halloween party at A Perfect Dream? If you'd like to join Piper this time on her erotic adventures, you can pre-order A Second Chance now. It will be released on October 22nd.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Upcoming adventures and the universe of A Perfect Dream

My initial idea was to write a story about two couples who meet and switch at a party. Soon, from that spark, A Perfect Dream was born. The reviews, to me, confirmed what I realized quickly. There are more stories to tell.

In the first story, A Perfect Dream, Beatrice and Sage, two women with completely contrary intentions meet at a party that is supposed to be all about sensual and sexual pleasure. These parties offer casual encounters in a safe space, an escape from everyday life, but for them, it's not enough, and they have to explore what is out there for them outside the confines of the luxurious and intimate getaway.

This October will bring you the story of Piper who initially introduces Beatrice to A Perfect Dream parties (A Second Chance, will soon be available for pre-order). Piper isn't and has never been looking for a happy ending. An outside observer might say that she's compromised with the life that she's leading, but it is the life she wants. At the Halloween party, she becomes an accidental matchmaker once more.

Each of the stories in the universe will follow a particular woman or couple and explore what they hope to find behind the closed doors of the party.

Women's sexuality and choices always faces by far more scrutiny than those of men, so I loved creating this fictional universe that is safe for and open to all of them, no matter the kind of sex they enjoy, how little or how much of it. It's not always without complication: Some develop feelings for each other and have to ask themselves whether or not they are willing to pursue a relationship in real life--others can experience freely what the outside world would judge them for harshly.

A Perfect Dream being a space for women who want to be with other women only brings a different thread to the fabric of this universe. Everyone deserves a space free from prejudice--but is the refusal to come out from privileged women a disservice to others who are not so lucky?

Over the next few months, you can follow the stories of these different women and their sensual erotic encounters. I hope you'll enjoy them.

One reviewer said about A Perfect Dream "I’m jealous (...) because I’m pretty sure things like this exist if you have enough money and know the right people." (Erotica Book Reviews)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Guest blogs, giveaways & reviews, oh my!

I wanted to let you know I guest-blogged on Women and Words (the amazing multi-author lesfic blog) today, about my reasons to go hybrid. The blog comes with a giveaway-all you have to do to enter to win one of my e-books is to leave a comment on the post here:


I also have a new review from the Naughty Lady Publications blog.


It's really fun to have the reviews coming in and see that very different reviewers all had nice things to say about A Perfect Dream.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pinterest Woes and More Reviews

After my dismay over "one or more" pins being reported for explicit content, this new review by AfterDark Online really made my day. Pinterest first. Okay. Wow. I am quite proud of my collection of beautiful art and photography admiring the female form (mostly dressed, but lingerie at the very least, some nude paintings, nothing people wouldn't see if they went to the museum).
I assume that not everyone who checked my boards and liked travel destinations, cocktails and interior design has the same appreciation for lesbian kisses, weddings etc., but come on. Why can't you just move on? It's for the same reason that youtube fan videos featuring same-sex kisses get flagged. I assume. I can't say for sure, but it makes me unsure about following new people, and the overall experience a lot less fun. Addressing this in a message to the help center, I got a response with instructions for when your account gets suspended--but it's not! It was in order to avoid that fate that I contacted them in the first place. Oh well. Switching channels.

An awesome new review for A Perfect Dream went live today.

"Wow! What a beautiful story. (...) Who is this author? I want to read more, because I love reading a good f/f story. (...) I was very amazed of the heat level to the story. You’ll love the delicious scenes in the story; nonstop f/f scenes throughout the story, and I must let you know it’s not just one girl-on-girl scene, but it leads to multiple female partners in the story." (Ray Sostre, AfterDark Online).

You can read the whole review here.

Monday, September 8, 2014

I got signed...and had to get over myself.

First of all, happy news!

My dark erotica novel "Soulless" was accepted by Damnation Books, a publisher specializing in dark fiction. The "A Perfect Dream" series will continue, so I'll be officially in the hybrid category. I'm thrilled with all the future possibilities.

It was also one of those moments, when, as a writer, you just have to get over yourself.

"Soulless" is much darker than anything I've ever imagined or written before.

Robin is dealing with a difficult work situation and the end of a long-term relationship. Natalie, young, charming, and irresistible, awakens sexual needs and desires Robin didn’t know she had. She soon learns that Natalie has a dark side.

As Detective Jean Shelby tries to solve a series of puzzling murders, she is drawn into the current of a relationship defined by obsession and the struggle for control. No one can remain innocent.

As an LGBT person, you will likely come across pre-conceived notions at some point, if not in person, then in the form of articles or comments you read about on the internet. One common question/accusation: "Why is always about the sex?"

The answer: It's not. You're the one who makes it all about the sex by bringing the subject up all the time, and, oddly, seems to think about it a lot more than most LGBT people. We have everyday lives, families, jobs, just like you.

And then there are erotica writers, who, by definition, get to think about sex a lot. That much is true, but it's the same for straight and LGBT writers.

The other point is that as lesbian writers, we often feel like we face expectations from within the community to represent, but what does that mean anyway? No one story, or even a dozen, can represent the complete lesbian community. Sometimes, a story is a metaphor or an exploration of how far the mind can go, and how far readers are willing to follow.

Do the "Fifty Shades of Grey" represent all straight women and their sexual fantasies? I know many who'd not only disagree, but would point out the absurdity of the question. Do "Dexter" and "Hannibal" represent all male writers? I don't think so either.

I loved writing "A Perfect Dream", where respect and consent are the ultimate rules. With "Soulless" and the character of Natalie, I delved deep into the darkness, and yes, there are lots of erotic moments in it as well.

I had to get over myself and realize I can write this type of book, and still be a lesbian and a feminist. When you touch a boundary in writing, the answer is not "okay, this is the point where I turn around and go back into my comfort zone." It's to go further.

I invite you to accompany me.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Truth or Dare Excerpt

While I'm working on new stories in the A Perfect Dream universe, my standalone novelette Truth or Dare is now available from Amazon. To get you in the mood for a sexy, Caribbean vacation, here's a excerpt:

The evening found them at the same sports bar as the night before. Lane was wearing the necklace, a red dress this time.

Tessa noticed that Adrian seemed to be a bit more relaxed about the appreciative looks Victor gave her. However, tonight, they unnerved her. Colada time. Tonight, with the local specialty, guavaberry liquor. Her reasoning might be hypocritical, but how much of a jerk was this guy not to appreciate his own wife, a smart and kind woman for all Tessa knew, coming with that package? She was similarly frustrated with Adrian who, for all intents and purposes, had found a new friend. Was that what he aspired to be like, a cocky businessman who took a woman like Lane for granted and thought he could impress the people around him with his money? She didn’t want to be married to a man like that. This trip was shaping up to drive the message home, and maybe she didn’t want to be married at all, just be happy and carefree with people who felt the same way. Adrian had once been that way, and she sensed the potential underneath Lane’s reserved exterior. Not that it was any of her business what Lane was like beneath that front, in more private moments, but damn, it seemed like she had a hard time thinking about anything else.

Two women went by, hand in hand. They stopped for a brief moment, sharing a kiss which inevitably caught the men’s interest.

Or was it—inevitable?

“What are you looking at? It’s not like they’re going to invite you.” What was wrong with her? They were enjoying good music, food, company in a place where a couple of minute’s walk would allow her to feel the sand under her feet. Something was wrong.

“That’s not the point,” Adrian defended himself.

“What is the point? What’s it with men and lesbians anyway, why is it such a thing for you?”

Lane looked fairly interested in the subject, making Tessa blush, so she focused on Adrian. Tonight, he hadn’t stopped at beer either.

“Well, what do you want me to say? It’s hot.”

“You can say that,” Victor chimed in, and Tessa, emboldened with liquid courage, raised her index finger at him.

“Hey, I didn’t ask you. I don’t understand you. You’re giving every woman in this place the eye when you are married to someone like Lane? She is gorgeous!”

He didn’t seem to mind her words, in fact, Victor appeared amused. “If you think so, maybe you should kiss her?”

“Now that would be hot,” Adrian said.

“I need another drink,” was Lane’s comment, finally making Tessa aware of what she’d said. She cast an apologetic glance at Lane who looked surprisingly thoughtful, before she leaned over and her lips met Tessa’s. Maybe the gesture was meant to be a dare, or prove a point, but whatever it was, the encounter lasted longer than expected. Tessa shifted closer, excited by the feel of Lane’s tongue slipping between her lips, exploring gently. Tessa wouldn’t have minded if she wanted to explore all night. She could blame it on the alcohol all she wanted, but she was trembling, liquid heat pooling between her legs. Shame on her. She should have known all along. If the kiss of a woman was making her this hot, but she was dragging her feet with a guy even when he wanted to surprise her with a beach vacation, it should tell her something.

Still, Lane was married, and she had kissed Tessa with this much passion—why, exactly? Both breathless when they pulled back, they stared at each other in surprise.

The men in their company were less startled, or maybe they had no idea what just happened.

“See, that’s just…hot,” Adrian argued.

Pal, you’ll get no argument from me, Tessa thought. Lane finished her drink with a deep sip. Tasting the fruity concoction on her lips had been divine, and all of a sudden Tessa couldn’t help thinking of all the other ways she’d like to taste her.

If you'd like to know how far exactly Tessa and Lane will go, check back on Amazon Sept 1. In the meantime, you can join Beatrice and the girls at their A Perfect Dream adventure--all through August for only 99cts!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

About Beatrice (A Perfect Dream)

It seems like there has been some confusion about the content of A Perfect Dream, so I want to make this very clear: I read just about everything. I write lesbian erotica, about women who, if they don't do so in the beginning, will identify as lesbians in the end. I'm fond of stories about a late awakening.

Beatrice might seem selfish at first, but she's also trapped in a loveless (and sexless) marriage. Her hunger for sensation, experience, excess is a partly due to her impossible situation. She knows what she wants, but she can't envision a life in which she pursues it openly. That's the set-up. The story focuses on her erotic journey and, eventually, an encounter which will lead her to an unexpected discovery.

In case you were worried: There is no M/F sex in this book. It's unlikely I ever go there. I promise.

So if you like a steamy read, ladies only, F/F with a bit of F/F/F fun...go for it. It's only 99cts all through August.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

and everywhere else.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The adventures of a new indie erotica author: Reviews

A Perfect Dream has received its first three reviews this week, and they are all awesome! I couldn’t be happier at this point, especially since I had no idea what to expect. I knew I put out a story I loved writing, fun, sexy and a bit thought-provoking.

Once you put something out there, all bets are off, even more so when it comes to something so individual as sexuality.

That wasn’t my only worry. I did my homework, previewed my file in every possible way and was fairly confident there shouldn’t be any big formatting issues, but who knows really what kind of black magic can happen in between hitting publish and the e-book appearing on your reader’s Kindle?

The format seems fine. The sex seems more than fine: “Amazing” (Rainbow Book Reviews), “…the sex was hot” (Mad In Wonderland Reviews) “incredibly steamy” (Cocktails and Books).
I know it probably won’t always go that way, not everyone has the same taste, opinions differ, but for a start, this is a relief.

I’m grateful to the people who take the time to put out tutorials and answers in forums for people like me. I’m fairly confident in telling my story, but the journey from the word document to an e-book published on Amazon requires a bit more than that, so thanks for all of your help!

I’d like to include a shameless plug in this post, namely letting you know that A Perfect Dream is currently at only $ 0.99, the perfect time to try, and I’d love to hear what you think.
Next time, I’ll tell you about my adventures with the IRS (for authors who are not from the US)--actually it’s a lot less complicated than I thought, and you might think. Stay on this channel.

Monday, July 21, 2014

My first review for A Perfect Dream

Of all the review requests I sent out, Rainbow Book Reviews were the first to get back to me, and what they had to say couldn't be more encouraging for a new erotica author. In fact, it's break-out-the-champagne kind of awesome, so I had to make some room for it on my blog as well. Here's the link to the full review:


Warning: You might be intrigued...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Taken by Selena Kitt

I must admit that while I probably won't ever write F/F/M, I was curious about this genre and when I came across this book for free, I had to try it.
The story revolves about co-workers at a call center, supervisor Sarah and employees Elizabeth and David. He has a crush on Sarah. Elizabeth is unsatisfied in her relationship with her boyfriend, but nevertheless attracted to men, and in the course of the story, she learns that being with a woman (the older and experienced Sarah) can open another world of pleasure for her.

I read another review in which the reader wasn't happy with what they called the lack of HEA for anyone, but took a chance on Taken anyway and wasn't disappointed. It was a fun steamy read, the scene set very well. I enjoyed all of the characters. From my personal (and lesbian) point of view, I would have liked the two women to end up together, but that's me. I liked that the author was able to create a real triangle, and the conversations taking place before the sex show that she has given some thought to the possible power dynamics. I also appreciate she didn't overuse a certain terminology.
As for the lack of HEA, I can understand the other reviewer's point, though the conclusion makes sense to me, as both Sarah and David were the more experienced partners in the relationship and also at a similar stage in their lives, whereas Elizabeth was figuring out what she wanted and where she belonged.

I read Taken in one afternoon and would try another of Selena Kitt's books.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pinterest: Femmes

I have always loved black and white photography, the way it enhances the story a picture tells. I love women and writing about them. You won't be surprised to find my Pinterest board Femmes, an hommage to both. All of those pictures could be inspiration for a story, couples, women in jeans or lingerie.

Photography is a kind of gateway to the fantasy. As an erotica author, you don't stop in front of the bedroom door, but walk right through it. That is the taboo, naughty, irresistable aspect of it.

I dare you to look at the individual pictures on this board and not be inspired, wondering what these ladies are up to once the door closes, what happens next.

Consider yourself invited...

Follow Raven's board Femmes. on Pinterest.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Want To Know More?

In the past few days, I've been featured on more sites. If you're curious, you can read a new excerpt of A Perfect Dream here in the Erotic Authoress Spotlight on Modesty Ablaze's blog, and my author interview on Erotica For All.

A big thanks to these sites for having me as their guests!

I'm excited to share that while my upcoming novelette, Truth or Dare, is a standalone, there will be more stories in the universe of A Perfect Dream.

That's all for now...when in doubt, you can find me on Pinterest!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I got listed!

Check out these awesome sites where you can find all sub genres of indie-pulished lesfic:


Sapphica Books

I'm happy to have my own title there. More to come! See more helpful links under the tab above.

Monday, June 30, 2014

My Pinterest Addiction

I admit it: I've started out playing around with Pinterest, and it didn't take me long to get addicted. It's a game, somewhere in between collecting and hoarding, but in a safe way. You don't clutter your home, you don't get into debt--what you end up is with a cornucopia of images to feast your eyes and inspire.

I'm interested in indulgence, opening the mind and following the fantasy wherever it may lead. This is what you'll find in my boards, gateway images into stories that may have erotic implications. Luxury, travel, colorful drinks, chocolate...and of course, images that describe relationships, attraction, sensuality.

I'm fascinated by the idea of people who will randomly cross paths, pinners interested in interior design, or the sights of a certain country, women planning their dream wedding, enjoying sensual imagery, or both. Over the next few weeks, I'll choose one board at a time to introduce to you. Who knows? Maybe you'll get hooked, too.

Color-coded sheets, curtains...and toys at A Perfect Dream. Your 18+ summer read.

Procrastination aside, Pinterest is a good place to connect, market and inspire. You can find group boards for your genre, reading recommendations, whatever your heart desires. Take a look at these statistics, and see if you can find your audience here.

If you'd like to join me: http://www.pinterest.com/ravenjspencer/

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cover Reveal and Excerpt: A PERFECT DREAM

I'm still working on the novel mentioned my Twitter bio, but it's fast approching completion. Meanwhile, I'm excited to show you the cover and a little sneak peek of my upcoming novelette A Perfect Dream. (Edited: It is now availabe from Amazon). I hope you're intrigued to join my characters into their sensual, perfect dream...

 A Perfect Dream (an erotic novelette)

“If we had this at home, there would be no reason to come here.”


Sex and politics can be an explosive combination. Beatrice, wife to a conservative lobbyist, can’t imagine being out in the open about her preferences and orientation, but lucky for her, there’s A Perfect Dream. Secret parties that only the privileged have access to fulfill every fantasy and need she can think of. Beatrice didn’t count in meeting Sage, a woman who not only satisfies her in every way, but challenges everything Beatrice has believed about herself so far.


Once they had made it past the front desk to have their payment and file checked by a young woman who couldn’t care less about their weekend plans, the shower rooms were the next step. Strangely enough for a place in which so much sex was going on, hardly anything ever happened in the shower rooms, at least not in these. They were a transitional part. Party guests left their clothes behind in spacious lockers, as well as their cell phones and tablets. In order to guard everyone’s privacy against the outside world, no recording devices were allowed at A Perfect Dream.
When you went deeper into the maze of rooms and dreams, there’d be other bathrooms, as private as you wanted them, for those activities. As she stood naked in the warm stream, Beatrice could feel her heart racing. She loved the reckless, guiltless intimacy with Piper, the pleasure Piper’s body, perfect in Beatrice’s eyes, could give her, and what she could do to her. They had never agreed to be exclusive though, because women in their situation couldn’t afford to fall for romance. Not ever.
What they got out of it, every time, was so much better. She could feel her knees go weak just thinking about the possibilities. There were a few simple rules--pretty much anything was possible, but you still had to ask for consent every time, with every new person. There were cameras. Piper had been getting invitations since long before Beatrice, but neither of them had ever seen anyone breaking those rules. The women who came here were craving satisfaction. There was always someone to fulfill their needs, whatever they were.
After the shower, they picked up the satin robes waiting for them in a huge closet. There were stations in different sections of the party where the robes could be changed whenever necessary. Another threshold, another place to sign in, and they could step right into the play area.
“Don’t hyperventilate,” Piper whispered to her. “You don’t want to miss anything.”

About the author:

Raven J. Spencer, lesbian, married, loves everything sensual and indulgent which led her to write erotic romance and fantasies. When she’s not writing, you can often find her on Pinterest in the pursuit of inspiration. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.