Friday, August 22, 2014

Truth or Dare Excerpt

While I'm working on new stories in the A Perfect Dream universe, my standalone novelette Truth or Dare is now available from Amazon. To get you in the mood for a sexy, Caribbean vacation, here's a excerpt:

The evening found them at the same sports bar as the night before. Lane was wearing the necklace, a red dress this time.

Tessa noticed that Adrian seemed to be a bit more relaxed about the appreciative looks Victor gave her. However, tonight, they unnerved her. Colada time. Tonight, with the local specialty, guavaberry liquor. Her reasoning might be hypocritical, but how much of a jerk was this guy not to appreciate his own wife, a smart and kind woman for all Tessa knew, coming with that package? She was similarly frustrated with Adrian who, for all intents and purposes, had found a new friend. Was that what he aspired to be like, a cocky businessman who took a woman like Lane for granted and thought he could impress the people around him with his money? She didn’t want to be married to a man like that. This trip was shaping up to drive the message home, and maybe she didn’t want to be married at all, just be happy and carefree with people who felt the same way. Adrian had once been that way, and she sensed the potential underneath Lane’s reserved exterior. Not that it was any of her business what Lane was like beneath that front, in more private moments, but damn, it seemed like she had a hard time thinking about anything else.

Two women went by, hand in hand. They stopped for a brief moment, sharing a kiss which inevitably caught the men’s interest.

Or was it—inevitable?

“What are you looking at? It’s not like they’re going to invite you.” What was wrong with her? They were enjoying good music, food, company in a place where a couple of minute’s walk would allow her to feel the sand under her feet. Something was wrong.

“That’s not the point,” Adrian defended himself.

“What is the point? What’s it with men and lesbians anyway, why is it such a thing for you?”

Lane looked fairly interested in the subject, making Tessa blush, so she focused on Adrian. Tonight, he hadn’t stopped at beer either.

“Well, what do you want me to say? It’s hot.”

“You can say that,” Victor chimed in, and Tessa, emboldened with liquid courage, raised her index finger at him.

“Hey, I didn’t ask you. I don’t understand you. You’re giving every woman in this place the eye when you are married to someone like Lane? She is gorgeous!”

He didn’t seem to mind her words, in fact, Victor appeared amused. “If you think so, maybe you should kiss her?”

“Now that would be hot,” Adrian said.

“I need another drink,” was Lane’s comment, finally making Tessa aware of what she’d said. She cast an apologetic glance at Lane who looked surprisingly thoughtful, before she leaned over and her lips met Tessa’s. Maybe the gesture was meant to be a dare, or prove a point, but whatever it was, the encounter lasted longer than expected. Tessa shifted closer, excited by the feel of Lane’s tongue slipping between her lips, exploring gently. Tessa wouldn’t have minded if she wanted to explore all night. She could blame it on the alcohol all she wanted, but she was trembling, liquid heat pooling between her legs. Shame on her. She should have known all along. If the kiss of a woman was making her this hot, but she was dragging her feet with a guy even when he wanted to surprise her with a beach vacation, it should tell her something.

Still, Lane was married, and she had kissed Tessa with this much passion—why, exactly? Both breathless when they pulled back, they stared at each other in surprise.

The men in their company were less startled, or maybe they had no idea what just happened.

“See, that’s just…hot,” Adrian argued.

Pal, you’ll get no argument from me, Tessa thought. Lane finished her drink with a deep sip. Tasting the fruity concoction on her lips had been divine, and all of a sudden Tessa couldn’t help thinking of all the other ways she’d like to taste her.

If you'd like to know how far exactly Tessa and Lane will go, check back on Amazon Sept 1. In the meantime, you can join Beatrice and the girls at their A Perfect Dream adventure--all through August for only 99cts!

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