Wednesday, July 30, 2014

About Beatrice (A Perfect Dream)

It seems like there has been some confusion about the content of A Perfect Dream, so I want to make this very clear: I read just about everything. I write lesbian erotica, about women who, if they don't do so in the beginning, will identify as lesbians in the end. I'm fond of stories about a late awakening.

Beatrice might seem selfish at first, but she's also trapped in a loveless (and sexless) marriage. Her hunger for sensation, experience, excess is a partly due to her impossible situation. She knows what she wants, but she can't envision a life in which she pursues it openly. That's the set-up. The story focuses on her erotic journey and, eventually, an encounter which will lead her to an unexpected discovery.

In case you were worried: There is no M/F sex in this book. It's unlikely I ever go there. I promise.

So if you like a steamy read, ladies only, F/F with a bit of F/F/F fun...go for it. It's only 99cts all through August.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

The adventures of a new indie erotica author: Reviews

A Perfect Dream has received its first three reviews this week, and they are all awesome! I couldn’t be happier at this point, especially since I had no idea what to expect. I knew I put out a story I loved writing, fun, sexy and a bit thought-provoking.

Once you put something out there, all bets are off, even more so when it comes to something so individual as sexuality.

That wasn’t my only worry. I did my homework, previewed my file in every possible way and was fairly confident there shouldn’t be any big formatting issues, but who knows really what kind of black magic can happen in between hitting publish and the e-book appearing on your reader’s Kindle?

The format seems fine. The sex seems more than fine: “Amazing” (Rainbow Book Reviews), “…the sex was hot” (Mad In Wonderland Reviews) “incredibly steamy” (Cocktails and Books).
I know it probably won’t always go that way, not everyone has the same taste, opinions differ, but for a start, this is a relief.

I’m grateful to the people who take the time to put out tutorials and answers in forums for people like me. I’m fairly confident in telling my story, but the journey from the word document to an e-book published on Amazon requires a bit more than that, so thanks for all of your help!

I’d like to include a shameless plug in this post, namely letting you know that A Perfect Dream is currently at only $ 0.99, the perfect time to try, and I’d love to hear what you think.
Next time, I’ll tell you about my adventures with the IRS (for authors who are not from the US)--actually it’s a lot less complicated than I thought, and you might think. Stay on this channel.

Monday, July 21, 2014

My first review for A Perfect Dream

Of all the review requests I sent out, Rainbow Book Reviews were the first to get back to me, and what they had to say couldn't be more encouraging for a new erotica author. In fact, it's break-out-the-champagne kind of awesome, so I had to make some room for it on my blog as well. Here's the link to the full review:

Warning: You might be intrigued...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Taken by Selena Kitt

I must admit that while I probably won't ever write F/F/M, I was curious about this genre and when I came across this book for free, I had to try it.
The story revolves about co-workers at a call center, supervisor Sarah and employees Elizabeth and David. He has a crush on Sarah. Elizabeth is unsatisfied in her relationship with her boyfriend, but nevertheless attracted to men, and in the course of the story, she learns that being with a woman (the older and experienced Sarah) can open another world of pleasure for her.

I read another review in which the reader wasn't happy with what they called the lack of HEA for anyone, but took a chance on Taken anyway and wasn't disappointed. It was a fun steamy read, the scene set very well. I enjoyed all of the characters. From my personal (and lesbian) point of view, I would have liked the two women to end up together, but that's me. I liked that the author was able to create a real triangle, and the conversations taking place before the sex show that she has given some thought to the possible power dynamics. I also appreciate she didn't overuse a certain terminology.
As for the lack of HEA, I can understand the other reviewer's point, though the conclusion makes sense to me, as both Sarah and David were the more experienced partners in the relationship and also at a similar stage in their lives, whereas Elizabeth was figuring out what she wanted and where she belonged.

I read Taken in one afternoon and would try another of Selena Kitt's books.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pinterest: Femmes

I have always loved black and white photography, the way it enhances the story a picture tells. I love women and writing about them. You won't be surprised to find my Pinterest board Femmes, an hommage to both. All of those pictures could be inspiration for a story, couples, women in jeans or lingerie.

Photography is a kind of gateway to the fantasy. As an erotica author, you don't stop in front of the bedroom door, but walk right through it. That is the taboo, naughty, irresistable aspect of it.

I dare you to look at the individual pictures on this board and not be inspired, wondering what these ladies are up to once the door closes, what happens next.

Consider yourself invited...

Follow Raven's board Femmes. on Pinterest.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Want To Know More?

In the past few days, I've been featured on more sites. If you're curious, you can read a new excerpt of A Perfect Dream here in the Erotic Authoress Spotlight on Modesty Ablaze's blog, and my author interview on Erotica For All.

A big thanks to these sites for having me as their guests!

I'm excited to share that while my upcoming novelette, Truth or Dare, is a standalone, there will be more stories in the universe of A Perfect Dream.

That's all for now...when in doubt, you can find me on Pinterest!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I got listed!

Check out these awesome sites where you can find all sub genres of indie-pulished lesfic:


Sapphica Books

I'm happy to have my own title there. More to come! See more helpful links under the tab above.