Monday, July 28, 2014

The adventures of a new indie erotica author: Reviews

A Perfect Dream has received its first three reviews this week, and they are all awesome! I couldn’t be happier at this point, especially since I had no idea what to expect. I knew I put out a story I loved writing, fun, sexy and a bit thought-provoking.

Once you put something out there, all bets are off, even more so when it comes to something so individual as sexuality.

That wasn’t my only worry. I did my homework, previewed my file in every possible way and was fairly confident there shouldn’t be any big formatting issues, but who knows really what kind of black magic can happen in between hitting publish and the e-book appearing on your reader’s Kindle?

The format seems fine. The sex seems more than fine: “Amazing” (Rainbow Book Reviews), “…the sex was hot” (Mad In Wonderland Reviews) “incredibly steamy” (Cocktails and Books).
I know it probably won’t always go that way, not everyone has the same taste, opinions differ, but for a start, this is a relief.

I’m grateful to the people who take the time to put out tutorials and answers in forums for people like me. I’m fairly confident in telling my story, but the journey from the word document to an e-book published on Amazon requires a bit more than that, so thanks for all of your help!

I’d like to include a shameless plug in this post, namely letting you know that A Perfect Dream is currently at only $ 0.99, the perfect time to try, and I’d love to hear what you think.
Next time, I’ll tell you about my adventures with the IRS (for authors who are not from the US)--actually it’s a lot less complicated than I thought, and you might think. Stay on this channel.

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