Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Taken by Selena Kitt

I must admit that while I probably won't ever write F/F/M, I was curious about this genre and when I came across this book for free, I had to try it.
The story revolves about co-workers at a call center, supervisor Sarah and employees Elizabeth and David. He has a crush on Sarah. Elizabeth is unsatisfied in her relationship with her boyfriend, but nevertheless attracted to men, and in the course of the story, she learns that being with a woman (the older and experienced Sarah) can open another world of pleasure for her.

I read another review in which the reader wasn't happy with what they called the lack of HEA for anyone, but took a chance on Taken anyway and wasn't disappointed. It was a fun steamy read, the scene set very well. I enjoyed all of the characters. From my personal (and lesbian) point of view, I would have liked the two women to end up together, but that's me. I liked that the author was able to create a real triangle, and the conversations taking place before the sex show that she has given some thought to the possible power dynamics. I also appreciate she didn't overuse a certain terminology.
As for the lack of HEA, I can understand the other reviewer's point, though the conclusion makes sense to me, as both Sarah and David were the more experienced partners in the relationship and also at a similar stage in their lives, whereas Elizabeth was figuring out what she wanted and where she belonged.

I read Taken in one afternoon and would try another of Selena Kitt's books.

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