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The Surrender Trilogy:

The lesbian billionaire romance that readers have called captivating and controversial. Penny falls hard for the woman who kidnapped her - but she won't be owned. By anyone. Carter Forbes has a lot of explaining to do.

Surrender Your Heart
Surrender To Me
Surrender Forever

+ Surrender & Joy (A Penny & Carter Christmas Story)

The A Perfect Dream series (in order):

A series about erotic getaways for women only. In this sensual paradise, some of them might get more than they bargained for.

A Perfect Dream
A Second Chance
Off Screen
A Sweet Deal
An Intimate Case
A Complicated Arrangement
An Unexpected Development
A Happy Ending


Sensual romance with a dash of taboo. A bodyguard job complicated by desire. Two women fall in lust and love during a Caribbean vacation. A woman who can't stay away from her boss's daughter. A friendship that was always meant to be more...and an escort falling for her reluctant client.

Coming soon: Would you dare to join a modern day harem?

NEW: Willow

Truth or Dare
The Intern (Valentine's Day Short)
The Italian Apartment
The Gift
Absolution (free short story)

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