Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Gift on Sale!

99cts only for a limited time! Or borrow via Kindle Unlimited:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Reading Guide: The Universe of the Surrender Trilogy and The Gift

Just to make sure you'll have everything you need so you can turn on your Kindle, lean back and enjoy. You can find all these titles on, and they're all available in Kindle Unlimited for those who love to binge read. :)

Hope you'll enjoy them, and, if you have a moment, consider leaving a review (on any of them, but especially Surrender Your Heart. Thank you!).

Once upon a time...

Penny can’t believe what happened to her: One day she’s studying sociology and paying her tuition with her job at a local cafĂ©, the next she wakes up in a luxurious house which is the property of a rich and enigmatic woman. Carter Forbes is ready to lay the world at her feet, but what will she expect in return? As she uncovers Carter’s reasons to create this unusual situation, Penny can’t deny the attraction between them. Can she reconcile her desire with her beliefs about herself, or is this passionate affair doomed from the start?

There was Surrender Your Heart. It's the first book in the Surrender trilogy. This is the order to read:

1. Surrender Your Heart
2. Surrender To Me
3. Surrender Forever

There's a short Christmas sequel to the trilogy: Surrender & Joy.

The Gift is a standalone book.

Absolution is a short story crossover between The Gift and the Surrender universe.

Borderline is a new Penny & Carter novel that is last in the timeline.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Happy Valentine's Week: Borderline Release, and Fall in Love Lesfic Sale!

This week, it's all about love... Surrender Your Heart, The Gift and Harem are on sale for 99cts! Check out all the titles of the Fall in Love Lesfic sale here:
and visit for sensual lesbian romance at great prices. Happy Valentine's Week!

But there's more!! Out February 14th, now available for pre-order:

The Surrender Books in order:

Surrender Your Heart
Surrender To Me
Surrender Forever

Surrender & Joy (A Penny & Carter Christmas Story, short)

Absolution (short story crossover with The Gift)


All of these titles are of course in Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cover Reveal and pre-order start: Borderline, a Penny & Carter novel

It's been a while...almost 3 years since the first book in the Surrender Trilogy, Surrender Your Heart, came out. Back then, I knew I wanted to write and publish a lesbian billionaire romance. I wanted to explore what would be different if the person in power was a woman, too, someone who enjoyed the privilege of wealth, but didn't have the male privilege of a Grey or Cross.

Surrender Your Heart became my readers' favorite, and just like every billionaire love story, Penny and Carter got their trilogy. Over time, readers have expressed that they would like to see more of them, and truth be told, I wasn't willing to let them go yet, either.

So here's Borderline, a new story that takes place after the events of the trilogy, the Christmas story Surrender & Joy, and the short story Absolution:

Borderline shows Penny and Carter deal with political events and a personal challenge. When Carter feels that her influence is slipping away, and she needs to feel in control, she is lucky to have Penny in her life...

You can pre-order Borderline now:

Friday, November 10, 2017

Pre-order: HAREM

Do you want it on your Kindle, first thing Dec 8th? You know where to click:

Robin embarks on the adventure of a lifetime: She joins a modern day harem. Robin is thrilled with the intimacy in luxurious surroundings, lacking the entanglements of romance. Her focus is on her training, to be someday soon the favorite of the harem’s keeper, Addison. Elizabeth, Robin’s mentor, is supposed to make it all happen for her, to teach her the necessary skills and attitude to be successful in the harem. While guiding her towards her goal, Elizabeth becomes a distraction for Robin that she can’t ignore. There are some things that money can’t buy, but can she afford to break her contract with Addison?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Candy! Halloween Free Promo: A Second Chance (A Perfect Dream #2)

--> Promo has ended on Nov. 4th <-- FREE for a limited time - Halloween at A Perfect Dream is different from your usual Haunted House or Trick-or-Treat. It's all about treating adult ways. A Second Chance is #2 in the erotica series A Perfect Dream, and it's always free for Halloween. Welcome to the party! <3 (PS: The series is now complete and in Kindle Unlimited)