Monday, April 18, 2022

Thank you!

 Thank you so much for reading and rating! Not only did you make Emmy & Andrea's story a bestseller in lesbian romance in various marketplaces, it also has more than 100 reviews and ratings now.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

On The Record: 99cts only for a limited time!

You haven't started the Love In The Limelight trilogy, but would like to? You read it in Kindle Unlimited and would like to own it?

On The Record (celebrity, opposites attract, enemies to lovers romance) is now 99cts only, for a limited time. Take advantage here. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

The Love In The Limelight Trilogy is now complete!

 Exciting times! You know Emmy & Andrea's story, you followed Shelby Grace and Julia's, and now Molly and Caitlyn's is out!

All of these books can of course be borrowed via Kindle Unlimited. If you have a moment, please consider leaving a review or rating. Thank you so much! 

I hope you'll enjoy this sweet and steamy celebrity romance. For all my other titles, please visit Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Now available for pre-order!

 The wait is almost over! You can now pre-order Molly & Caitlyn's story, #3 in the Love In The Limelight trilogy. On your e-reader September 2nd! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Behind The Scenes, Molly & Caitlyn's story, is coming soon!

 But before we get to it, I wanted to thank you! I was amazed to hear that Out Of The Shadows, too, won Erotic Romance of the month over at I Heart Lesfic! 

Next in the trilogy will be Behind The Scenes (pre-order will start August 20th, release day will be September 2nd). Meanwhile, you can read On The Record & Out Of The Shadows here.

Anything can happen during Christmas In July…

 Molly is an actress hoping to get her big break someday. She’s intrigued and troubled alike by her attraction to Caitlyn, who happens to be her boyfriend’s assistant. She knows she has to break up with him, but timing never seems to be on her side.

 Caitlyn knows what she wants from life: A stellar career, and someday, love, and a family. Her best laid plans are thrown into chaos when she falls for the boss’s girlfriend.

 When Sean asks Molly to meet the family—including his famous sister Emmy who is filming a Christmas special in the siblings’ hometown—she can’t escape the truth any longer. Especially when Caitlyn is along for the ride…

 Is there a chance for everyone to find their Happily Ever After?

 Find out in the third book of the Love In The Limelight trilogy.

Hope you'll enjoy! <3


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Thank you!

 If you don't know already, I Heart Lesfic is an amazing site dedicated to promoting WLW fiction, with contests, a newsletter for new releases, the Mega Sales and much more. It looks like many of you are aware - and thank you so much for making this happen! 👄

PS: Love In The Limelight 2 will go on preorder at the end of the week. See you soon!