Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shut The Front Door...A Perfect Dream is real. Not really. Kind of.

...or so I thought when I was reading this article about a women-only club, sex parties for the curious, mostly straight women.

At a second glance, there are some problematic aspects for sure:

It's "a place for them to have a wild night playing with other like-minded girls before going back to their grown-up lives" one of the members is quoted, and that kind of statement grates, because being LGBT, being a lesbian, single or with a partner, is as grown-up as your straight life.

Still, the similarities to my series of novelettes is fascinating: The regular parties, the inquiries into the members lives, what's--according to the article--going on behind the scenes.

I had the idea for A Perfect Dream last summer while watching a couple visit a house that had some interesting features (if you want someone to have insights into your bedroom, that is). Most women who attend the parties don't do it in the hope of finding their soul mate either (Piper, A Second Chance), but I love romance, after all, and so the story of Beatrice and Sage has an unexpected ending. Hey, it's fiction. It also mattered to me to make a statement that hopefully comes across--many, not all women in those stories identify as lesbians, bi or come out in the process. This is not simply bending to the rules of society and patriarchy--it means the women have a safe space to find out who they really are, and what they want. In some cases, that might mean to try it, or meet someone, and never return.

For others, it's a place where they can live their preferences, watch others or be watched, menages, etc. without being judged.

I don't know if the club mentioned in the article offers all of that. It's reality. My works are fiction, and in them, I have the last word in everything.

If you're a little curious, come back tomorrow for a chance to win free e-books as I'm taking part in two separate blog hops. See you there!


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