Monday, October 6, 2014

Upcoming adventures and the universe of A Perfect Dream

My initial idea was to write a story about two couples who meet and switch at a party. Soon, from that spark, A Perfect Dream was born. The reviews, to me, confirmed what I realized quickly. There are more stories to tell.

In the first story, A Perfect Dream, Beatrice and Sage, two women with completely contrary intentions meet at a party that is supposed to be all about sensual and sexual pleasure. These parties offer casual encounters in a safe space, an escape from everyday life, but for them, it's not enough, and they have to explore what is out there for them outside the confines of the luxurious and intimate getaway.

This October will bring you the story of Piper who initially introduces Beatrice to A Perfect Dream parties (A Second Chance, will soon be available for pre-order). Piper isn't and has never been looking for a happy ending. An outside observer might say that she's compromised with the life that she's leading, but it is the life she wants. At the Halloween party, she becomes an accidental matchmaker once more.

Each of the stories in the universe will follow a particular woman or couple and explore what they hope to find behind the closed doors of the party.

Women's sexuality and choices always faces by far more scrutiny than those of men, so I loved creating this fictional universe that is safe for and open to all of them, no matter the kind of sex they enjoy, how little or how much of it. It's not always without complication: Some develop feelings for each other and have to ask themselves whether or not they are willing to pursue a relationship in real life--others can experience freely what the outside world would judge them for harshly.

A Perfect Dream being a space for women who want to be with other women only brings a different thread to the fabric of this universe. Everyone deserves a space free from prejudice--but is the refusal to come out from privileged women a disservice to others who are not so lucky?

Over the next few months, you can follow the stories of these different women and their sensual erotic encounters. I hope you'll enjoy them.

One reviewer said about A Perfect Dream "I’m jealous (...) because I’m pretty sure things like this exist if you have enough money and know the right people." (Erotica Book Reviews)

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