Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Willow: New Excerpt

Willow has been out for a week, so I thought it's time for another excerpt...

She started early the next morning, going around the places Willow had shown her—no, she wasn’t going to rip out the beautiful pool, but she’d have enough time and a budget to update the stone tiles surrounding it. She’d replace some of the soil and old, almost dead plants, add a few citrus trees. Even with seemingly small changes, it would be more than she had in store, so she’d make those orders later.

Kat thought about a couple of potted plants in marble vases, and a fire pit. So far, Willow had signed off on all her ideas, not showing too much interest in any of them.

Yes, she designed pretty things, in an attempt to balance out everything in her life that hadn’t been so pretty.

“Jesus, when did you get up? Sit down, take a break.”

Kat turned around to find Willow coming down the stairs to the backyard, carrying two mugs of coffee. She was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, barefoot.

“I don’t have much time, but…Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. There I thought you’d be wearing those sexy overalls all the time.”

Kat nearly choked on her coffee, a latte actually. “I have to make some orders and meet with a few people, but I’ll change into something else once I get started here. Don’t worry.”

“I look forward to it. There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman hard at work.”

“Whatever you say. I need to get back to it too. Thanks for the coffee.”


She turned around to face Willow.

“I know the idea that Dad hired you makes you a little uncomfortable, but he’s not here right now. We’re both adults. Whatever we feel like…”

“Look, Willow, don’t get me wrong. You can certainly do whatever you feel like, but I have a job to do here. I’m sorry.”
The sun wasn’t up that high yet, so there was no reason for her to feel this hot. She had to be more careful. Forget about Franklin. She didn’t want to be somebody’s experiment.

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