Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A surprise for you!

Are you a fan of the Surrender Trilogy and The Gift? This is for you, a short story told from another character's point of view. You can read the beginning of Absolution here.

My name is Emily DeMarco. I used to be a cop. A pretty good one, even—until I got fired. I’m one curious incident away from getting fired again, from my new job as a security guard at one of the biggest malls in the city. If I was delusional enough, I could tell myself it’s her fault.

As it is, I know it’s all me.

I can’t let go.

When I first met her, I was on the job, gathering information about the escort service she was working for at the time. The plan was to shut it down for good. From that point on, everything in my life became chaos. Looking back at the men I’ve dated, I never thought that a woman performing an illegal profession could teach me something, about myself, about the wrong turns I’d taken. Perform, she did. And I took the worst turn of my life, falling for her.

Would you like to read more? Download Absolution here. I also uploaded a copy to the two biggest Facebook groups for lesbian books. (Lesbian Books, writers, readers and Lesbian Book Readers Club).You'll find it in the Files section.
If you read this free story, I hope you consider leaving a review for either the trilogy or The Gift.
Thank you!

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