Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cover Reveal: Willow

Coming May 18th, here's a story that will have a little more action (although, if you're familiar with Penny and Carter, it's not that much more), but still bring the heat:

What you see:
Kat has been running her landscaping business for several years, and she's seen some success.
Willow seems to have lost all ambition after the end of her marriage, spending her days at her rich father's pool.

What you get:
Both of them have secrets, and a complicated past, professionally and privately. It doesn't help that Willow's father is still a high-ranking member of the organization Kat left six years ago.
Do these two women have a future together?

This time, I have chosen not to go with the pre-order option, so May 18th will definitely be the day when you can first grab your copy. As all my titles are, Willow will be in Kindle Unlimited as well.

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