Thursday, May 11, 2017

Seven Days to go! An excerpt from Willow (coming May 18th)

Do you like to escape into an adventure that brings the heat and the action? Willow might be right for you, and you only have to wait seven days for it to appear on your Kindle. Look for it on May 18th, 2017. Like all my other titles, Willow will be in Kindle Unlimited:

Kat left her job six years ago to open a landscaping business and pursue a less dangerous lifestyle. She would never consider the offer her old partner and mentor Franklin Garrett makes her if she didn’t owe him: She’s supposed to look after his daughter Willow during his absence, using her business for a cover story.

Kat’s situation is further complicated by Willow’s interest in her. Can she trust her to be serious? Does she want her to be?

Kat soon learns that the danger is real, and she has to make some hard decisions…

“You saw that sign in the window? I do landscaping now. Unless you want me to overhaul your backyard, leave.”

Just like that, the trap fell shut.

“That’s exactly what I’m here for,” Franklin said.

Even though she’d had coffee less than half an hour ago, Kat poured herself another cup, again, stalling. She didn’t believe for a minute that he was here to hire her for a landscaping job. He had come to collect. He wanted to hire her all right, draw her back into a life she’d long left behind. No way. No fucking way.


“It’s the truth. I have no time to take care of this, or even check for someone who would. The guy who used to cut the grass every once in a while, moved away, and it’s a bit of a mess now. When I heard you were in the business, I said a prayer in gratitude…too much?” he asked when she couldn’t hide the amused smile.

“Way too much. Look, I have work to do here. Unless you tell me the truth, I’m not listening to you. I’m not even here, so don’t bother. Move. I need my chair.”

Kat turned to the file cabinets and started taking out client files.

“Okay, okay. Sit down. The truth, I promise.”

Against better judgment, she halted, intrigued.

“I do need you to take care of that mess in the backyard—”

Franklin,” she warned.

“And you will do it,” he continued. “You know it and I know it. You owe me, and I’m sure you already figured out that this will be it. You’re getting off easy though. You have three months, and I’ll pay you more than this little business of yours is worth.”

Three months probably weren’t an exaggeration. While she’d never seen his estate, Franklin was loaded, and if his outdoor space needed work, it wouldn’t be done in a few days. Curiosity had always been her weakness. She sat back down, watched him take a photograph out of his wallet. He sighed before he laid it on the desk.

It was the portrait of an attractive younger woman who would have caught Kat’s eye right away. Franklin’s next words, however, served as the equivalent of a cold shower.

“That’s my daughter Willow.”

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