Monday, July 17, 2017

FREE for 5 days! The Italian Apartment & Truth or Dare

Would you like a quick fun read to make your summer even hotter? Would you like it for free?

This week (ends Friday), The Italian Apartment and Truth or Dare are FREE everywhere on Amazon (you can always borrow them via Kindle Unlimited at all times). One is a sweet & spicy romance set in Italy. In the other, an erotic romance, two strangers refuse to play a part in a silly bet and take a chance on each other instead. They get a lot more than they bargained for out of their Caribbean vacation.

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Tessa isn’t happy her boyfriend talked her into a vacation in the Caribbean. Things take a turn to the better when they meet another couple and are invited to their luxury retreat. A drunken dare, however, makes it clear to the women that they are both taken for granted. To complicate matters further, Tessa and Lane, who has never been attracted to another woman before, develop feelings for each other that go far beyond lust and curiosity, but do they stand a chance once the sun-filled days on the beach are over?
Hope agrees to join her friend Melinda who wants to start a business in the South of Italy. The problem is, Hope has had a crush on Melinda since they first met, and living in close quarters in another country will not help her get over it. Will she have to resort to the fantasy, or could Melinda return her feelings one day?

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