Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sept. 5th-9th: The Gift FREE promo!

Get ready!

The sensual romance The Gift will be free for five days, so get yours, and please take a moment to review. Thank you so much!

Link: smarturl.it/TheGiftbyRJS

What do you do when your friends' birthday surprise turns awkward?

It's Chloe's birthday. She's successful and single, and content with her life the way it is. When her friends give her a relaxing spa weekend in a luxury hotel, she thinks nothing of going alone--after working hard for a long time, she has earned it. Chloe doesn't know that the weekend includes some time with Lacey, or that what she has to offer to her, would be so hard to resist.

Lacey knows how to keep her emotional distance from a client. Reluctant Chloe turns out to be a challenge in many ways, and soon both of them face difficult decisions. Can they really go back to the way things were before--do they want to? Or can life go into a different, unexpected direction?

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