Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cover Reveal and pre-order start: Borderline, a Penny & Carter novel

It's been a while...almost 3 years since the first book in the Surrender Trilogy, Surrender Your Heart, came out. Back then, I knew I wanted to write and publish a lesbian billionaire romance. I wanted to explore what would be different if the person in power was a woman, too, someone who enjoyed the privilege of wealth, but didn't have the male privilege of a Grey or Cross.

Surrender Your Heart became my readers' favorite, and just like every billionaire love story, Penny and Carter got their trilogy. Over time, readers have expressed that they would like to see more of them, and truth be told, I wasn't willing to let them go yet, either.

So here's Borderline, a new story that takes place after the events of the trilogy, the Christmas story Surrender & Joy, and the short story Absolution:

Borderline shows Penny and Carter deal with political events and a personal challenge. When Carter feels that her influence is slipping away, and she needs to feel in control, she is lucky to have Penny in her life...

You can pre-order Borderline now:

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