Monday, January 16, 2017

The Gift: First excerpt!

And here's a little teaser from The Gift. You'll be able to purchase the ebook on Valentine's Day, but watch out for a pre-order link earlier than that.

It’s still all a pretense, at least on her part. I resent a world that defines our boundaries, as women, as lovers, making something this good impossible.

I wake up, disoriented, in the middle of the night. We retreated to the bed earlier, but now Lacey is dressed, picking up her purse.

“Where are you going?”

“It’s two a.m.,” she says ruefully.

“Yeah, so?”

“Oh, didn’t Debra tell you? That’s where the segment ends.”

Oh dear God.

“No, Debra didn’t tell me anything about that.” I get up, wrapping the sheet around me. “This is ridiculous. You have to get up at two and sneak out? Come back here, get some sleep.” Unless… “You have another appointment?” I try not to let it sound awfully judgmental. Seeing the dejected look on her face, I think I’ve failed.

“No. Not right away. I mean I do have an early appointment tomorrow. With the dentist,” Lacey clarifies quickly. She steps closer for a chaste kiss on the lips. “I’m sorry, it seems like everyone’s messing up when it comes to explaining the fine print. Not everyone wants to cuddle. I fell asleep…I’m sorry,” she says again.

I sigh, drawing her in a quick embrace. “It’s okay. You do what you have to do.”

This means the majority of her clients just kick her out once the job is done? There’s a small window, until two a.m., for those who don’t?

“The dentist, huh? I hope it’s quick and painless. When can I see you again?”

The question brings a smile to her face. At this point, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Perhaps she’s right, and I should stop obsessing about what could be, when we’re both enjoying the moment. She doesn’t want out.

The best way to assure myself that Lacey is okay, and continues to be, is to see her again—it gives me some sort of control over the situation, and the opportunity to step in if need be. Meanwhile, this arrangement comes with orgasms that are transcendental. It’s win-win.

“You have to call Debra. I don’t have my schedule with me, but I believe I could squeeze you in tomorrow.”

I think about what this means for a moment, but not very long or hard.

“I’d love to see you.”

“Okay. You can reach her at eight in the morning.”

“I’ll call her then. Wait a second. I’m going home too.”

Lacey waits by the door as I dress, and we leave the hotel together.

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