Friday, November 27, 2015

The Italian Apartment - excerpt

The Italian Apartment is a short story, romantic comedy with a spicy twist. The lesbian dating site didn't work out so well for Hope, but at least she made a friend. A friend she still has a crush on. A friend who wants her to come live with her in Italy...

Close quarters, under the circumstances, can make for awkward moments:


Melinda didn’t come home for dinner. Hope scolded herself for alternately worrying and feeling offended. They hadn’t planned anything together for tonight, as they rarely did lately, so she had no reason to pout. They weren’t joined at the hip, right? The reason they still shared an apartment was the good deal Adriana had gotten them, saving money, which had turned out great. A few months ago, they had talked about going to Greece for a week during the fall, or stay in the country, visit Rome, or Florence, or even Sicily.

Lately, they didn’t even make it to the beach anymore. That had to change, Hope decided. If Melinda could introduce her to the local lesbian scene, that would at least be something they could do together.

She sat outside on the roof terrace, making her plans by the moonlight with a bottle of fruity white wine. Maybe Melinda would change her mind once she realized Hope was serious, had always been serious about her the only way she knew how. After all, it was kind of rude to reject someone because of their lack of experience, wasn’t it? She wasn’t applying for a job. She wanted to be close to someone again, and the advice of someone who did this so effortlessly, couldn’t harm.

Hope’s determination and confidence had increased greatly, but when she stood, empty bottle in hand, her surroundings were spinning for a moment. Oh Lord. This was not good. She hoped she’d make it into her room and down the stairs without any accident, because she really wanted to talk to Melinda tonight. It felt kind of urgent. Tomorrow, she might have a hangover and rethink her approach…no. Hope shook her head and winced. Seize the moment. She’d get downstairs and see if Melinda was home, wait for her otherwise.

After nearly falling down the stairs twice, she made it to the lower level. The apartment was dark, and at first Hope thought she was still alone, until she heard the soft moan. Whispered words followed.

The blood shot to her face. Oh no. It looked like she wouldn’t get a chance to have that conversation with Melinda after all, because her roommate was otherwise occupied, busy…

This story is free for Kindle Unlimited, and with it comes a sneak peek of Surrender To Me, the 2nd book in the Surrender Trilogy (coming Valentine's Day 2016).

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