Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Every billionaire has a trilogy...

...why not Carter Forbes?

I don't think it means dissing when I say there are some elements in most contemporary erotic romances that simply don't work for lesbian readers. It's not like we don't read guy/girl romance or watch it in the movies ever...but we also want something that is ours.

I always felt that in the phenomenon, one series and then the many that followed, we were left out a bit. I, too, wanted to read about boundless luxury and mysterious, powerful love interests...I just didn't want the latter to be a guy, because at the end of the day, that just doesn't do it for me - and I wanted to explore the difference gender might make when a person has become used to lots of privilege. A woman who made it in the cutthroat business world still would have experienced female socialization. Would it make a difference? In what way?

Will the other woman fall at her feet, because she's helpless in the face of a powerful, seductive person?

These were the questions I wanted to explore in Surrender Your Heart, and like with every other billionaire trilogy, the story wasn't over after the first story of Penny and Carter. Surrender To Me and Surrender Forever were born, and these books will further explore their relationship and the obstacles that arise when these two women walk in each other's world.

For sure, this is not everyone's type of read. If you're interested to give it a try, you can start with an excerpt here:

Penny and Carter travel for business and pleasure in Surrender To Me, coming February 2016

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