Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Misunderstandings with labels and genres...

Recently, I did a free promotion for An Intimate Case, #5 in the A Perfect Dream series. I call my stories sensual erotica, and the main characters are and will always be women-loving women. There is a bit of mislabeling going on in terms of lesbian romance and erotica. We often see titles that, by the very definition, don’t belong into the lesbian genre (involving straight couples or men). While I don’t want to call the existence of these titles into question (each to their own), it creates a problem for both readers and authors who might not come together as intended (you can choose whether or not this pun was intended).

 In the A Perfect Dream series, all erotic scenes are between women. Period. These are stories about women pushing boundaries. There might be more than two. Depending on which character we visit, it might be ultimately a lesbian romance with the heat cranked up, or a story about a woman who struggles to find and define her identity.

A Perfect Dream is a fictional place where these women can be themselves without society’s scrutiny and slut-shaming, and most important when you label your fiction “lesbian”, they are romantically and intimately involved with women and that’s what they want most.

Regan (An Intimate Case) prefers meeting women within the community of the local bar scene, but investigates at A Perfect Dream as a favor to a friend.

Beatrice (A Perfect Dream) has been hiding in the closet for all of her adult life, but one encounter makes her question the secrets.

Kendall (A Sweet Deal) has to see through the lies told to her by her married lover and her family before she can truly acknowledge that nothing about her, or the women she meets, is evil.

Piper (A Second Chance) has an agreement with her husband which includes no sex between the two of them, ever. She won’t adopt any labels. Lesbian or not, her tastes are out of the ordinary, and therefore, a safe and discreet place like the A Perfect Dream parties is her choice.

Autumn and Jasmine (Off Screen) work for the A Perfect Dream franchise, in a setting we’d wish the porn industry could be like.

Erotica is not everyone’s favorite genre, no matter who the protagonists and their desires are. After reading this blog, A Perfect Dream still might not be for you—that’s okay. What matters to me is that you know what it’s all about. I’ll continue to do free promotions over time and will give you a chance to find out. Meanwhile, you can read all my titles for free via Kindle Unlimited.

 Thank you for trying!

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