Saturday, February 20, 2016

All about HER: Why telling stories about women's pleasure matters

Writing erotica and erotic romance seems trivial at times, a naughty kind of pastime. I’ll admit that while it’s not always as easy to write as it appears to be, it is fun. Judging from my readers’ comments, the majority of them had fun too (you can’t please everyone all the time).


If you take a closer look, there is something provocative in making it all about women, their pleasure, their perspective—because out there in the real world, women’s pleasure isn’t given all that much importance. On the contrary.

Almost daily we read infuriating headlines, quotes from people who think women and their bodily autonomy is irrelevant—pleasure, much less. In fact, there are places in the world where small-minded men (and sadly, sometimes women) go out of their way to deny other women sexual satisfaction. By imposing ridiculous rules and standards on them. Worse, by violence.

The idea that women matter less, is sadly ingrained, and it’s not helpful when Hollywood has no trouble showing men as the subject, women as the object of pleasure.

Stories about women’s pleasure are no trivial matter. One by one, they insist on a woman’s right to know and enjoy, to own their bodies—the same rights no one has ever questioned when it comes to men.

In my stories, women’s needs come first. My characters enjoy an erotic getaway in the A Perfect Dream series, ladies only. This is where they can fulfill all their fantasies, safe from society’s scrutiny. Penny and Carter of the Surrender Trilogy explore the idea of safely giving oneself into another person’s hands, testing and respecting the boundaries.

I want to create a world where my readers can escape into a fantasy, but also dream about a world they want, where no one’s sexual orientation is questioned or dismissed, where women are equally as free as men to express and live their sexuality. No oppression or fear.
Is that world going to exist in my lifetime? Probably not, but I keep on hoping that someday it will. Meanwhile, let’s counter every hateful statement with a tale of pure bliss, exposing the lies that have been told to us for centuries.

Updated: Authors depend on reviews. I just discovered this blog about a new Amazon policy  regarding erotic media that will potentially hide reviews from other customers.

Author Elisabeth Joye explains how it works, and you, as a reader, can make sure all your reviews will be seen and support the authors you chose to give feedback to.

Thank you for checking it out - telling stories is one thing, for them to be seen and talked about, an entirely different one.

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