Monday, June 29, 2015

Cover Reveal: Surrender Your Heart

Coming August 1, 2015:

To tell you the truth: I love everything about this cover. The pink (I’m holding on tightly to my lesbian card—yes, lesbians can like pink!), the feminine feel, and the kinky vibe provided for the cuffs clearly not intended for arresting bad guys.

Still, it doesn’t show a lot of skin—a lot is left to the imagination here.

Surrender Your Heart is a love story, but it’s also about two people who have to negotiate the parameters of their relationship.

Out in the real world, their positions are unequal, an imbalance created by money and circumstance. When attraction and intimacy come into play, they have to find a way to rise beyond these inequalities. This will take compromise…and ultimately, surrender.
Surrender Your Heart, the story of Penny and Carter, will be out August first, but watch out for an opportunity to pre-order coming soon, and visit the blogs taking part in this cover reveal, organized by Shades Rose Media.

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